The Enchantment of Beauty and the Beast

Performed at the CAL Center Auditorium
July 22-24, 2005


A delightful adaptation of the French fairy tale!

Author: Vera  Morris
Musician/Composer: Bill  Francoeur
Lyricist: Bill  Francoeur
Produced by The Reedsburg Players

A powerful witch is rejected by a selfish prince. After a curse is placed on him, he is destined to be a “beast” until he learns to love. Years later, a poor widow plucks a forbidden rose. Though he sentences the woman to death, Beast allows her to say good-bye to her family. At the widow’s farm, we meet her two distasteful daughters and greedy sons-in-law. The four of them hear her “insane” story and don’t believe her. But her third daughter, Beauty, goes to the Beast and promises to stay if her mother’s life is spared. Beast falls in love with Beauty. She is like a princess to him. Unfortunately, the two sons-in-law slink into the eerie castle hoping to filch a treasure. In a hilarious and thrilling scene, not only is there a battle with the Beast, but also with the furniture, too! But could Beauty ever love Beast? Your audience will be touched by both script and score. (Also available as a non-musical. A different adaptation of this fairy tale is also available as a musical.) Fables and Fairy Tales I’m a Prince Fine Gifts Make a Wish How Can I Live Without You?