Performed at the CAL Center Auditorium
February 2004


By A. R. Gurney
Produced by The Reedsburg Players

The Dining Room is a humorous and compassionate play from the American playwright A. R. Gurney. Scripted as a series of overlapping vignettes, the play visits a host of characters as they go about their daily business.

Each of the eighteen scenes, which range from the comic to the serious, explores the dynamic relationships of family life. Rather than the scenery changing around the characters, this play is unique in that the characters change around the scenery. In one vignette, the dining room is the scene for an unexpected homecoming, when a returning college student realizes his mother has had an affair with his father’s best friend. In the next, a beaming aunt displays her prized silverware for her nephew, who is conducting anthropological research on the “WASPS of Northeastern United States.” In a seamless collection of such moments, the show presents a glimpses into the human condition: the joys, sorrows, love and sadness that accompany family life.