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July 22-24, 2016 in the CAL Center Auditorium, Reedsburg, WI

It is 1933 and eleven-year-old Annie is in the Municipal Girls Orphanage, along with Molly, Kate.Tessie,Pepper, July and Duffy. When Molly awakes from a bad dream at 3:00 AM, Annie comforts her. She then asks her to read the note her parents gave her in 1922, when she was left on the doorstep of the orphanage. The note says that they will come pick her up, so she is always hopeful that they are still out there (“Maybe”). Orphanage supervisor Miss Hannigan comes in tells the kids to get to work; the little girls complain and Miss Hannigan wonders why any child would want to be an orphan.

Annie decides to escape to find her parents, but is caught by Miss Hannigan, who is currently suffering from a hangover. She is angered by this and forces all the girls to vigorously clean the orphanage (“Hard Knock Life”). Shortly after, Mr. Bundles, the laundry man, comes in to pick up the blankets. While Miss Hannigan is flirting with him, Annie climbs into the laundry basket and the orphans cover her up with the blankets. Once Miss Hannigan realizes she is gone, the other orphans express their frustration (“Hard Knock Life Reprise”).

Annie successfully escapes, running into a friendly stray dog. As she comforts him, she tells him of better days yet to come (“Tomorrow”). The dog catcher is after him, so she pretends he is hers by calling him Sandy. Though at first unsuccessful, he is convinced, and she continues. However, a policeman named Lt. Ward (who had been sent by Miss Hannigan) catches her and brings her back.

Grace Farrell, assistant to the billionaire Oliver Warbucks, comes to the orphanage asking for an orphan to come to his mansion for the Christmas holiday. Because Annie was in Miss Hannigan’s office, Grace asks to take her, and Miss Hannigan reluctantly agrees. Once she has left, Miss Hannigan explodes with her hatred for all the girls in the orphanage (“Little Girls”).

Meanwhile, at the Warbucks Mansion, the staff welcomes Annie with open arms (“I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here”). When Oliver Warbucks comes back though, he is very moody and not too happy to have an orphan in his mansion. He asks Grace to take Annie to a movie, but she persuades him to come. As he and Annie begin to like each other, they enjoy a fabulous night in New York City (“N.Y.C.”).

Back at the orphanage, Miss Hannigan’s brother, Rooster, and his floozy girlfriend, Lily, pay a visit. She mentions that Annie is staying at a billionaire’s house, and they think they could use this situation to get rich, though they do not yet know how (“Easy Street”).

Warbucks sees the locket around Annie’s neck, and buys her a new one from Tiffany & Co. He debates taking her “under his wing” because he does not know much about children, but decides he loves her and gives her the locket . However, she bursts into tears saying it was the only thing left by her parents, and refuses to accept a new one. Grace and the staff then pledge to find her parents no matter what it takes (“You Won’t Be An Orphan For Long”).

Annie appears on the radio on a show by Bert Healy (“Maybe” Reprise) where Warbucks announces that he is offering $50,000 to the couple who can prove they are her parents. Healy then sings a song and the orphans who are listening, decide to dance and sing to the song they have just heard (“You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile). When Miss Hannigan hears, she barges in and demands to know what was happening. Molly announces that Annie was on the radio, and that there is a $50,000 reward for her parents. Miss Hannigan is anything but pleased. Shortly after, a couple named Ralph and Shirley Mudge arrive, saying they left a little girl here eleven years ago and have come back for her. Miss Hannigan is shocked. They soon reveal themselves to be Rooster and Lily, and explain their plan for the reward. They request information about Annie from Miss Hannigan for one third of the money, though she demands one half for this service, and tells them about the note and the locket. (“Easy Street” reprise)

Because her parents have not shown up, Warbucks announces he would like to adopt Annie (“I Don’t Need Anything But You”). They decide to throw a Christmas party, and Annie wants to invite Miss Hannigan and the orphans.They are interrupted by Mr. and Mrs. Mudge (Rooster and Lily in disguise) who come to pick up Annie. Grace and Warbucks are shocked, because they know about the note and the locket. Still, Warbucks does not think they are her real parents. He requests that she be allowed to stay one more night for the Christmas party, and then be taken away to their supposed pig farm in New Jersey. Early that morning, she wishes she could have been adopted, and not sent off with her “parents” (“Maybe” Reprise)). Warbucks then receives a surprise visit from Roosevelt and his Secret Service. It is revealed by him that Annie’s parents are actually David and Margaret Bennett who died when she was a baby. They then realize that Mr. and Mrs. Mudge are really Rooster and Lily just as they show up to claim her and the money. They, along with Miss Hannigan, are arrested by the Secret Service, and everyone is delighted by Roosevelt’s new deal for the economy (“Tomorrow “reprise)

Radio Razzle-Dazzle Sep 8, 10, 11 2016


Coming September 8, 10, 11 2016 at the new Reedsburg Country Club!

It’s a few minutes to eight, New Year’s Eve, 1940, at a radio studio and a group of beleaguered employees are desperately trying to put on a live show. It’s the most important episode ever of “Invitation to Danger,” but everything is going wrong — the organist and the sound effects man have eloped, the director is missing, one of the cast has passed out on the sofa and the script has arrived at literally the last moment! Will our heroes Steve, Blackie and Pete finally uncover the true identity of the Hooded Terror or will he escape them again? Will our plucky cast and crew wrestle some sort of sense from this hysterical catastrophe, or will chaos prevail? Tune in and find out.

CASTING AUDITIONS (Held in the Reedsburg Chamber of Commerce building)

Casting 3 males and 3 female

JULY 5      5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
JULY 9     9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

FUNNIEST Stage Action Around!

PRESS RELEASE – 08/08/2011
Your chance to see some of the funniest stage action around will happen this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 12-14, when the curtain goes up for the production of “Cookin’ With Gus,” at the CAL Center in Reedsburg. Reedsburg Players does a summer production each year and a musical or play in February. The group is dedicated to providing quality local theater – equal to shows you could drive miles to see. Please support this local venue so it can continue to be a part of our community.
On Friday night you can enter the cup cake decorating contest at 6 p.m., before the show begins at 7 p.m. On Saturday night, get your reservations in early to eat the spaghetti supper before the 7 p.m. show. On Sunday, at the 2 p.m. matinee, you can vote on Reedsburg’s newest ‘cooking star.’ For more information, call 524-8404. The shows are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. The Saturday night dinner theater option is $13 including dinner and the show. All performances are at the CAL Center, located at the Reedsburg Area High School.

Get CREATIVE in the Fun and Wild Cupcake Contest!

Press Release – 08/01/2011
Are you a creative person? Would you like to compete in the “Cookin’ With Gus” cup cake contest. It will be held at 6 p.m. before the Friday night performance by the Reedsburg Players at the CAL center. You could be judged the Champion Cup Cake Creator of Reedsburg. Upon arrival at 6 p.m., each contestant will be furnished with 12 un-iced vanilla cup cakes donated by Lola Girl Specialty Cakes. The contestants will be required to bring their own icing or frosting, decorations, accessories and display items to created the theme of their own choosing. So get creative. Cup Cakes are all the rage around the country, from “Cup Cake Wars” on the FOOD channel, to magazine articles and cookbooks. To enter this contest call the play’s director, Kim Corbin: 608-524-8404.
Lola Girl Specialty Cakes, are dedicated to giving back to the community whenever possible. That is why they contribute 10% of all our profits to a local children’s hospital to aid in child care and cancer research programs.  The Reedsburg Players thanks them for their contribution to this fun addition to the summer theater production. You can help too by ordering a specialty cake of your own from Lola Girl Specialty Cakes, Laura Koch, owner; 143 South Walnut St, Reedsburg; 608-495-0668; or
In the production, “Cookin’ With Gus,” actress Mikki Maddox plays “Gussie,” a competitive lady who wants to be a cooking show star. Between her husband, “Walter,” played by Bill Hentges; her agent, “Bernie” played by Ted McGinnis; and her wacky neighbor, “Carmen” played by Diane Michaels-Lasceski; “Gus” has some problems. Don’t miss this hilarious show running August 12 with cup cake contest, 13 with dinner show option & 14 matinee 2 p.m. For more information, please see the Reedsburg players website:
Laura Koch, owner of Lola Girl Specialty Cakes, Reedsburg, is shown here holding some cupcakes.

Mix it up and Pre-heat the Oven to “Hot Time’ for “Cooking with Gus!”

Press Release – 7/25/2011
Are you mixed up – just like Gourmet Gus? She is torn between her career as a Cooking Star (with Bernie, her agent, having the recipe for success), and the love of her life, Walter (who just wants to heat things up and go to the zoo).
If you can’t decide which performance to attend of the upcoming Reedsburg Players production of “Cooking With Gus”, here are your choices:
Friday, 7 p.m. show complete with a Cupcake Contest, Saturday night 6 p.m. dinner theater, or show only, 7 p.m., or the Sunday afternoon show at 2 p.m.. Prices for each show are: $8 advance, or $10 at the door. Saturday dinner theater is $13 in advance only.
Don’t miss a moment – you could attend all three performances and support your local theater!
There is still time to be a cup cake decorating contestant. You will need materials to decorate a dozen cup cakes, donated by Lola Girl’s Specialty Cakes of Reedsburg, call 524-8404 to register. After they are judged, we’ll all enjoy them for an intermission snack. Sunday’s show includes a chance to vote for the next local cooking star.
“Cooking With Gus,” is written by Jim Brochu, and produced by special arrangements with Samuel French, Inc.

Pictured here: Bill Hentges as Walter, Mikki Maddox as Gus, and Ted McGinnis as Bernie

School House Rock Live, JR. Photos!

Check out the sample photos of the Sunday performance of “School House Rock Live, Jr.” at the SHRL page in the productions section of the website.

If you would like a free photo disk of all 100+ photos captured please contact us through the email link or at Please provide contact information so that we can get the photos to you!  Enjoy!

Guess Which One Is Gus?

Press Release – 6/3/2011

The cast for the Reedsburg Players Summer theater has been chosen – but which one is Gus? The show, “Cookin’ With Gus” features one of these four fine thespians in the role of Gus. The cast shown here includes Ted McGinnis, Mikki Maddox, Bill Hentges and Diane Michaels- Lasceski. Don’t miss a chance to find out which one plays Gus and who the other crazy characters are.
The comedy is directed by Kim Corbin, written by Jim Brochu, and produced by special arrangements with Samuel French, Inc.  In the play, “Gus” has aspirations of becoming the next star of their own daily television food show – but in making a demo tape for the network executives, finds that the recipe for success is half baked. Hilarity, complete with a food fight ensues. This is a great comedy and will be a fun show at the CAL Center on August 12-14. The Saturday evening performance will be a dinner theater.